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RioRand®5-12V DC Micro Brushless Magnetic Pump High Temperature 65*C Solar Hot Water Pump

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Powered by RioRand Advanced Technology


Rated voltage: DC12V
Voltage: DC5V ~ DC12V
Current: 1050mA
Head: 4M
Flow: 550L / h
Noise: 35dB (0.5 meters)
Fluid temperature range of 0 to 65℃
Pump motor DC brushless motor, no spark of work;
Pump starting current, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation,
low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection
Pump motor shaft with high degree of wear-resistant ceramic shaft,
continuous service life of 20,000 hours or more Pumps can be amphibious.
Waterproof grade: IP68;
Weight: 220g

Package List:
1*ZC-A40 Pump


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