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Privacy Policy

RioRand company will be very carefully treat and handle your privacy information. Please read the following information of our company’s privacy policy to learn more about that.

privacy Protection is essential to us. As part of our normal operation services, we collect and, sometimes disclose the privacy to others about your personal information. This “Privacy Policy” describes how we collect and handle your privacy. Because of our full preparition,which make this article looks longer, its purpose is let you know much privacy RioRand enacted , so that you can make the whole decision accordingly. Privacy  described in this article applies to website.
the “privacy clause” included the personal privacy information RioRand has collected  when you log into RioRand website and when you use the services RioRand offered.
Privacy protection
We respect your personal privacy. The “privacy clause” is responsible for the operation of our online information management, and fully reflects our commitment to protecting your privacy.

Safety measures
We use the latest security measures to prevent illegal intrusion from others, we do maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of information.
We will set a password to protect your account information and personal information.We recommend that you do not tell password to others. Without the consent of our staff by phone and e-mail We will never ask for your password. Remember, when you have finished browsing operation, please exit account and close your browser.
Through the Internet or any of a wireless network for data transmission are not absolutely safe. Thus, we try our efforts to protect your personal information,But we can not ensure or warrant any information you sent is safe, and therefore any consequences caused are on your personal responsibility.

Information Collection
When you register to receive the services provided on our website, we will ask you to provide the following personal information: name, date of birth, gender, address, e-mail, phone number, zip code, occupation, industry, personal interests and hobbies, company name The company address and other personal confirmation of information. We need to know this information to provide you the services you need and let you know some of you might be interested in other services. We will also use this information to understand the customer experience using our site to make our services more customer oriented.
In addition, we will automatically collect information about our site and site visit personnel comprehensive statistical information, such as: IP address, browser, browsing through the website, Visitors, etc.. But in this process, we will not reveal personal name, e-mail or phone number and some other conditions related to your privacy information. We will focus on the use of these data to determine the user the extent to which Le various parts of our site, we will also be improved according to the website. We may provide this statistical information to third parties, but without your permission, we will not be provided to third parties personally identifiable information about sexuality.

Information Use
We will use your personally identifiable information to facilitate marketing of, the use of the site analysis and statistics to improve the site’s content and services, and can make our site’s content, design and services more customer oriented.
In some cases, we may use your personal information of those you are interested in information (such as your favored the ad title, new services and products) to you. We may also e-mail through your left, mailing address and phone number to contact you to let you know the site’s management to inform, new product releases and relevant to your use of our site the traffic patterns.
We use your IP address to help find the analysis of problems with our server, administer our website and the various functions of our servers, use the data to improve our web site usage.

Information Share
The information you provide will be shared by all users of our site. Remember that any information you provide will become public information. Therefore, please be careful to provide confirmation of the information these individuals.

Privacy Security
To protect your privacy and security, and your “RioRand registered account” will be implemented password protection. In certain areas, RioRand company will use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer encryption software (SSL-encryption) to protect data transmission.

Terms amendment
RioRand companies may regularly amend the “Terms.” If we use your personal information to do the relevant changes, we will significantly change the websites notice.

Questions and suggestions
RioRand welcome you to our website and pay attention on the “privacy clause” and the problem of the services.You can send your comments to,