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RioRand Product Reviewer Program


We are now launching a NEW Amazon Product Review Program for All of our Amazon customers.

Current Gift: Remote presentation mouse ($19.95 value)

Additionally,we are launching another Product Review Program in the near future,

Reviewers will be required to register at our review program,and we will sent free samples to reviewers for testing.


1.Shipping time:
  US reviewers = 20 days (from when product is shipped)
  International reviewers = 30-40 days (from when product is shipped)

2.Per reviewer policy,each reviewer must have an existing account open that has at least (1) purchase made.

3.Reviewers will be emailed directly if selected.Due to the first-come,first-serve nature of this program, if an email response is not received within 2 business days, you will no longer be considered for future reviews and may be deleted from the selection list.

4. To keep list refreshed, list may be purged occasionally at RioRand' discretion

RioRand has the right to refuse product or make necessary changes to this program as seen fit.

To get Free Gifts, you need to provide the following purchase info. and product reviews to us. Please email to us at with the followings,

Amazon product link:

Amazon order ID:

Amazon seller name:

Rating link (With pictures):

Types of products would you be interested in testing?

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